While we might be biased, the importance of having a Generac generator for your home cannot be emphasized enough. Since our foundation in 2005, Automated Home Generators has provided the Allentown area with automatic generators for residential and commercial areas. Because you never know when a storm or power outage might hit, why take the risk? If you are still looking for a better reason to get a generator for your home, we will do you one better. Here are four reasons why every house needs a generator.

Genrerac Generator

You rely on an electronic medical device

For those who are ill or living with disabilities and may be reliant on an electronic medical device, a generator should be treated as a necessity. Whether it be a ventilator, infusion pump, sleep apnea monitor, or another type of device, there is no reason why you should not have a generator in case of an emergency. Having a Generac generator on hand could be the difference between living and dying depending on what your ailment is.

You have a home business

We will also throw in those who work either entirely from remotely or operate on a hybrid schedule for this one. Since the pandemic, the uptick in those working from home is hard to ignore. And the last thing you need, whether you have a business or work remotely, is to have the power go out and be unable to do anything on a busy day. Your home has to be treated like a commercial building, so with a generator, you will not have to worry about a power outage affecting your work.

You’ll lose your perishable food supplies

With the cost of products rising, the last thing anybody wants is for their food to go to waste. Those delicious foods you bought at the grocery might not have the longest shelf life to begin with, and if the power goes out, those refrigerated items will not last long. So if you want to save your milk from curdling, you might want to think about bringing in a generator to your home. This can be treated as an investment, as nobody wants to have to keep going to the grocery store to get more items.

Your house uses well water

For homes that utilize a well pump system to get their water, you might want to look for a generator. If the grid goes down, so does your well, so say goodbye to showers, flushing, using the sink, nothing. It may seem like something we take for granted, but a pump system provides essential services to our everyday lives. But you will not have to worry about losing out on your water. Why? Because you will have gotten an automatic Generac generator courtesy of Automated Home Generators for your home. Get in touch with us via our contact page to provide your home with a second line of defense! And do not just keep it yourself, refer a friend to make sure they are safe, too!

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