Generators often pay for themselves in a power outage.

Losing power for even a few hours can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue to your business. Security systems go down, refrigerated goods spoil, gas pumps don’t work, and customers are turned away. Standby generators today are powerful and economical for small businesses. You can configure your generator to cover your entire business or just the vital parts. This will keep your business open and give you a competitive advantage.

What does automatic standby power provide your business in a power outage?

Back up your large home or business and everything in between. We offer our generator repair and installation services in Northampton, Emmaus, Fogelsville, and Whitehall PA.

Are you prepared to handle a power outage?

Commercial Generator courtesy of Generac

Commercial Generator Series 22-150 kW

Aluminum, all-weather enclosures provides the ultimate protection from the elements. Aluminum’s natural corrosion resistance prolongs the life of your generator and it is recommended for salt-air, coastal locations.