With the weather turning colder, that fear of a heavy snow or ice storm taking out the power lingers in the back of everyone’s mind. You don’t want to be stuck without power, heat, or the basic necessities for too long, especially if you have special circumstances such as an elderly resident or a small child. The size of your generator also depends on how much space you want to provide power to. You won’t be able to use a portable generator and expect it to handle a business. We want to break down the different levels of generators so you know the right one to get for your needs.

Portable Generac Generator XP-4000

  • A Portable Generator: This is the easiest generator to manipulate. Since it’s portable it can be moved around to wherever it’s needed. This is an ideal generator for those emergency situations for your home when the lights go out, and you just need to power a few things like the fridge, the water heater, and some outlets to charge your phone. It’s also good for camping to be able to power appliances and lights without draining the RV itself. At the moment Automated Home Generators offers 3 types of portable generators:
    • The GP Series (1800 to 17500W)
    • The XG Series Generator (4000 to 8000W)
    • The XP Series Generator (4000 to 8000W)

Generac generator outside

  • A Residential Generator: This generator is installed to the house, and is hooked up to an existing natural gas or liquid propane supply. When people set up a residential generator they want it to focus only on a room or two depending on how big the generator is. There are a few different generators to choose from for your household needs.


Bisque Generac Generator

  • A Commercial Generator: Having your business lose power, even for the shortest time, could cost a lot of money. This isn’t just for sales, it’s for the security system as well. Without the power, your security system may not let doors lock properly or they may lock you out of the building. Both are very problematic. Installing a generator can help keep your business open when other companies aren’t.

Remember, generators aren’t meant to take over your power source 100%. You can’t swap a generator for everyday wattage use for an extended period of time. It’s meant to take on some of the burdens so you’re not left in the dark, the cold or the heat depending on the season when the main power source fails for an extended period of time.

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How To Decide Which Generator Is Right For You 2