Are you looking to get a brand-new generator installed, but not sure where to start? Most homes aren’t automatically equipped for that kind of set up. Thankfully, with the right equipment, it’s pretty easy. Whether you handle the set-up yourself or have a professional help you out, you need to make sure you prepare for how much you’ll be using the generator, where it’s going to be, and more. Here are the first steps you need to take to get your home set up.

Residential Generac generator

1. Load Amount: Figure out how much power you’ll need from the generator. You might need to work with an electrician to see the wattage of devices like your sump pump, furnace, refrigerator, water heater, lights, outlets, and more. Typically, a 5,000-watt generator can handle all of that for 24 hours on 13 gallons of fuel.

2. Get the Transfer Switch Installed: Generators can’t just be plugged into the wall outlet. This will cause backfeeding. Backfeeding is extremely dangerous that can result in a fire. The house needs to be disconnected from the primary power grid before the generator takes over and visa versa. The transfer switch allows for the safe transition between the grid to the generator.

3. Getting the Right Generator: Why do you need the generator? Most generators are installed as a precaution, but is it for medical reasons, such as having a family member who depends on equipment every day? If that’s the case, you might want to consider a larger wattage for safety. If you’re just worried about smaller things like the food spoiling in the fridge or being able to have hot water, you may not need that much wattage. We at Automated Home Generators can help you determine which generator is right for your situation.

4. Practice How to Use the Generator: Power outages can happen at any moment. During a massive storm, extreme heat, or even randomly depending on if a transformer blows, or something happens at the power station. Take some time to get used to the set-up of your new generator. When the times comes, you’ll want to be able to get those switches flipped fast.

Automated Home Generators wants to make sure your home stays powered. If you have any questions about the installation process, the type of generator your home needs, how your specific generator works, we’re just a phone call away!