No business wants to lose money due to unforeseen power outages, but accidents happen – especially due to inclement weather. But do you need to go to the extent of investing in a commercial generator?


Not only are power outages happening more frequently, but they are also becoming more expensive. In fact, according to Eaton’s 2017 Blackout Tracker, there were an estimated 2,840 yearly power outages that impacted thirteen million people in 2009. By 2017, the number of power outages per year had reached three thousand five hundred and twenty six with thirty seven million million people impacted. Growing numbers in population and new businesses can account for a large majority of these numbers, but that doesn’t mean the disruption should be minimized. Some businesses can see hundreds of thousands in losses due to a power outage. Without a line of communication, internet, working wifi printers, and even air conditioning, a lot of businesses simply cannot operate.

What Businesses Benefit From A Commercial Generator?

Whether you are a data center, office block, shopping mall, airport, or any type of commercial business, you can benefit from installing and maintaining a standby generator. From happy employees keeping cool or warm with air conditioning and work tools that help them do their jobs efficiently, to keeping servers running in a data farm, any business can depend on a reliable standby commercial generator. 

Commercial Generator courtesy of Generac

Whether you choose natural gas or diesel, with the right generator you can rest easily knowing that your commercial building (or your tenants’ businesses) will retain power when they need it most. However, before choosing a commercial generator, it’s important to do your research and find an expert for the model and type that fits your business best.

Thankfully, the experts at Automated Home Generators is well equipped to help with standby and commercial generators. Back up your large home or business and everything in between. We offer our generator repair and installation services in Northampton, Emmaus, Fogelsville, and Whitehall PA!

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