Generators to fit your needs!

Learn more about the different types of generators we offer and find one to fit your home or business today!

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Power For The Summer!

Having an emergency backup generator is something every homeowner should have during the event of a storm or power outage. Make sure you're protected this summer, call 610-336-0630 today!

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Weather The Storm!

Check out our June newsletter! Weather the storm with a new, Generac generator. Call us today to learn more!

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Certified Generator Installers

Automated Home Generators is your reliable and trustworthy Generac dealer ready to supply your home or business with a high-quality generator. Our motto is: “Service is our most important product.”

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Monitor Your Home Generator

Maintaining a home generator properly takes a lot of planning and strategizing. From tracking the fuel levels to keeping track of your maintenance schedule, it can occupy more of your…

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