Keeping your generators up and running.

Automated Home Generators is dedicated to maintaining your Air-cooled or Liquid-cooled generator to its peak performance and factory specifications with our quality generator services. Once you become a client of Automated Home Generators, we will remind you on an annual basis to make an appointment to service your home generator. We provide services every step of the way, from new generator installations to preventative maintenance and repair services.

We specialize in a variety of generator services, including:

DIY Repairs

Some people want to service their generators themselves. We can provide them with the parts to do it on their own. We stock most of the highly used items, and can get a hold of those that we do not currently have.
Skip the search and get in touch with us for the specific parts you need to get the job completed. Please call for parts and prices in the Lehigh Valley.

Generator Repairs

Most generator repairs can be done in the field; however, there are times when we need to move your generator to our shop to make repairs. Either way, our professional team can identify any issues and quickly solve them with a variety of generator repair services. Whether it’s a complete breakdown of your generator, a failure to power your home correctly, or just a minor issue, we can fix it like it was brand new again.

Preventive Maintenance

When it comes to your generator, you have to rely on it when there is a chance for a power outage. A failure can result in serious issues, especially for important commercial buildings and hospitals. But what can be done to prevent that? Regular generator cleaning and maintenance is the most essential thing for generators of all capacities.

Are you prepared to handle a power outage?

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance and service are typically done on a schedule based upon engine hours and/or time periods. The maintenance cycle can—and should—be adapted to meet specific application needs.

One way to ensure a long, reliable operating life is to implement a preventive maintenance (PM) program.

The average life expectancy of a well-maintained service vehicle is approximately 5,000 hours (assuming 300,000 miles at 60 mph). However, a typical standby generator set can last from 10,000 to 30,000 hours. On the other hand, a standby generator might operate as little as 26 hours a year (based on only 30 minutes of weekly exercise and no outages). Alternatively, it might operate as much as several hundred hours a year. This will depend upon the number and duration of power outages. In either case, a standby generator set could conceivably last 20 to 30 years. One way to ensure a long, reliable operating life is to implement a preventive maintenance (PM) program.

What plays into how often I should check my generator?

The more hours per year a unit operates, the more frequently it will require service. Environment also plays a role. The more severe the environment (dusty, hot or cold, humid, etc.), the more frequent the need for service may be.
At a minimum, a good visual inspection should be done on a monthly basis, as well as after any extended generator run times.

Basic tips for homeowners

Weekly Maintenance

Here’s a handy checklist to help guide you as you work to maintain your standby generator(s). So, be sure to take note of the frequency recommendations for these maintenance activities:

Monthly Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Schedule maintenance with a certified technician.