Generators are excellent tools that take up the slack when the power goes out. Unfortunately, they can be annoying to listen to for an extended period. Most generators, even the Generac brand we offer, have a loud sound that can overload the senses. Thankfully there are a few ways such as a muffler or even a box you can use to help dull the sound, so it’s not as insulting to your family and neighbor’s ears. None of these methods will eliminate the noise, but it will dull it to a reasonable level. Here’s what you can get:

Generac generator in residential setting

A Soundproof Box – Whether you have a permanent generator along the side of the building or put the portable one in the same spot, a box might be the most straightforward answer. You do have to be careful, though. Generators will overheat without the right airflow. When you’re creating this box, you have to add insulation and cut out holes for the ventilation ducts. The box can be on a raised platform as well! This will prevent the vibrations from the sound waves of the generator from transmitting through the ground.

Use Sound Deflectors – Depending on where your generator is located, a sound deflector might be all you need. If you have your generator installed in a shed, the sound deflectors will help decrease the noise. By the time it reaches anyone in the house, the sound will be greatly reduced. The room can also act as a soundproof box.

Use A Muffler – A muffler for a generator is the same idea as a muffler on a car or truck. Generators have a muffler already installed, but sometimes it’s not enough. You can purchase a larger muffler to help reduce the sound significantly.

Use A Rubber Mat – Rubber is fantastic at absorbing sound and movement. Putting your portable generator on a rubber mat or installing rubber feet can make a lot of difference, reducing how far the sound travels.

If your generator is uncommonly loud or you think something might be wrong, contact us today! With winter just around the corner, make sure you’re prepared!