Generac generator outsideHave you ever had to wait out a power outage? It’s not fun. Sitting in the dark, waiting for the power company, is most definitely a less serious situation than many others, which can stem from the loss of power. The warm weather is approaching, so this would be a perfect time to have your generator installed. Beat the spring thunderstorms to the punch, and have an extra layer of safety in knowing you have a new backup generator at your disposal. Let’s cover some of the more important scenarios which a generator should be used for.

If You Have a Well

If the filtration and systems lose power, your water will quickly become unsafe to drink, and will lose the ability to be heated. If you have a well, you may want to purchase a backup generator just to ensure your family always has fresh water under any circumstance.

Vacation Homes

If you are away from your investment when bad weather hits, it can be a stressful situation not knowing if your property is safe. Give yourself some peace of mind and have a trusty Generac generator installed!

Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

Sometimes when the power goes, it goes for a long time, and it goes out for many people. If this occurs, and you have an electric car, you can be grounded possibly for weeks. You will be able to get emergency supplies right away if you have a backup generator installed.

Camping, Outdoor Parties, & Events

A portable generator can open up a whole new array of possibilities when it comes to entertainment! Not always does an emergency have to be the deciding factor in getting a generator. With a portable generator, you can host a multitude of outdoor events such as picnics, parties, or even small concerts. Additionally, if you feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, our portable generators are the perfect addition to your camping set up!

Portable Generac generator

If you live in an area with unpredictable water, get a generator. If you have a family of young ones and don’t want to take risks in the winter, get a generator if you want to have all of your bases covered all year long, do yourself a favor and call Automated Home Generators to get a brand new Generac generator installed today! You won’t regret it!

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