It’s power outage season. What does that mean exactly? We need to be prepared for damaging weather, blackouts, and more. There are going to be several opportunities for the power to go out. With the events of 2020, remote jobs and schooling are more prevalent than ever, and heavily rely on electricity and the internet. People can’t be worrying about missing work or classes because the power has gone out. With a generator already installed, it will turn on automatically taking away the stress of losing time and money during the storm. Here are just a few benefits of getting a generator installed.

why get a generator installed?

Guaranteed Power: Nothing is more uncomfortable than the power suddenly going out at night and you’re submerged into a blanket of darkness. After that, you realize the HVAC unit is off as well. Very soon the family will be feeling either the heat or the cold, depending on the time of year. With a generator installed, you’ll never have to worry about being uncomfortable in your own home.

Immediate Action: Portable generators are great, but you have to go out to start them yourselves. With a unit that’s installed to the house, it’s working for you instead of you working for it. It will automatically turn on when it detects a power outage. Essentially, there’s very little delay when the main power goes out and the generator starts. What’s even better is that it works the same way in reverse. Your house will be running comfortably despite the storm outside.

why get a generator installed?

Easy Access: With a whole-home generator everything is connected to the electrical panel of the house. You’ll never have to go outside to get it started or fight with extension cords.

Saves Money: Losing power can cost you a lot of money, especially if it’s an extended power loss. Anything that’s in the fridge and freezer is gone because it’s going to get warm. You might be able tosave some of the frozen items if it’s during the winter and you can put them outside, but the temperature won’t be consistent. You’ll be forced to eat out more because you can’t cook anything. If you have any medication that needs to be refrigerated that’s going to be ruined as well, and we all know how expensive medical supplies can be. On top of that, if you’re working from home or your kids are remotely learning, you’re going to lose time and money for the days you don’t have power. Having a generator installed will eliminate all of the stress and confusion.

At Automated Home Generators, we bring back power to each of our clients. If you’re worried about losing power, contact us today.