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Are you prepared to handle a power outage?

What you need to know about generators and why you need one...

Most people without backup generators have to rely on candles and blankets and hope the food in their refrigerator stays fresh.

Automatic standby generators take the worry out of outages. Home standby Generators provide peace of mind for both home and business owners and offer the utmost convenience during storms and power outages.

Advantages of an Automatic Standby Generator.

Unlike a Portable Generator, an Automatic Standby Generator will restore Utility voltage 24/7.When your electricity is interrupted, the Generator detects the problem and goes to work. The automatic transfer switch safely disconnects the utility voltage and transfers to generator power. Power is simultaneously is restored within seconds. Once the utility power is restored, the generator returns back to standby mode.

Works whether you are home or away

Runs on your home’s existing propane or natural gas supply

Sits outside just like a central air conditioner

We can supply you with many manufactures of generators, for all applications, residential, commercial and portable and RV.